Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunrise Over Ireland

I'm too tired to move.

I feel like I've just pulled an all-nighter and I'm doing it again. Ewww.

But we're here! In Scotland! It's beautiful. The weather is lovely. I'm very excited to wear jeans and scarves and hats here. And it's true. The sunshine is moody.
We left yesterday around 2:30ish for the airport. It was a pleasant, familiar drive down to Philly. Uncle Rob Bigley came with us so he could drive our car back to Lancaster. Thus there were lots of stories and laughter. We got to the Philly airport, got our tickets, and found our plane. The airport is huge..soooo it took a little while to walk to our plane. We finally got on, and waited around for a little bit for the plane to take off. Mom, Maggie and Ellie sat together and Daddy and I sat together. Next to us was this black french man who slept the whole time...which was a little odd. Anyhoo we finally took off. On the backs of all the seats there are little video screens where you can pick your own movie, tv show, or music. (I watched When In Rome..which was cute). Ok so usually plane food is kinda gross and slimy and not really food..but the food AirFrance gave us was so good. I got chicken. It was yummy. So were the mashed potatoes and veggies. And they even gave my dad red wine. Gotta love the French. I was impressed. I have to say the 6hour & 48minute plane ride was not all that comfortable the whole time. Dad's seat was, apparently, the worst in the whole plane (says him) and my back was killing me half the time. It's really hard to get comfortable at 3am in a plane where you can't really move or stretch. Oh the joys of traveling.

It was worth seeing the Sunrise over Ireland. Really. I did. It was beautiful. Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue, sigh. It was amazing. We were flying along the sunrise. Anddd I was over Ireland. I mean really the combination can't get any better.

A lit breakfast of a blueberry muffin and a banana. Man, I like these French people...and their food! Speaking of France..did I mention we had a layover in Paris? The flight over France was gorgeous. Rolling hills, farm land, little villages, church steeples. It was such a glorious sight to behold. Then we landed. Our layover was a little over an hour, and while Dad and Maggie went on an adventure to look around the airport, I stayed behind and read. The toilets in the airport were orange. It was awesome. --The next flight we had was on a littler plane. All the people who worked at AirFrance were dressed very smartly in suites and legit looking flight attendant outfits. On the plane, we were all split up in different rows. I was on the end of mine with two other men. The one right beside me was British, I think, and slept or said "Cheers" all the time. It was not that enjoyable.
The flight to Edinburgh was not as was about an hour. So I'm sitting there..waiting for the flight to be over. And then I saw it. A flash of green beneath the clouds (which were fluffy, puffy and oh so cool). I waited and waited and waited a litttle bit more and then I, honest to goodness, let out a little gasp. There it was! Scotland! It was hilly and green with little villages everyywhere. So. Lovely. We finally landed and taxi-ed around the airport to find the spot where the plane stops. There were lovely wild flowers in little green patches. It made me think of my dear friend Blythe Whitney :)
I got off the plane and it was cold! Shockingly cold! AAhhh I'm so excited for this weather!! I really am. Tim Frew, whose house we're going to be living in, picked us up from the airport. He is just as sweet as the rest of his family. They are so dear! I'm so glad God has brought them into our lives, even though we live on different sides of the ocean :)
Anyway. The cars drive on the wrong side of the street. The stirring wheel is on the wrong side of the car. It is soo nerve wracking. And I'm already anxious about everything! Their town of Kirkliston is Adorable! It's perfect. It's what every British village should be. Old buildings, people, little circly roads. It's perfect. Absolutely perfect. And the Frew's house! It's small and oh so cute! I love it. I'm so excited to be spending 2 weeks here. {right now i'm sitting at their kitchen island writing this to you}
After we had a tour of the house, we decided we were hungry. Tim had to go back to work. We went to this place for lunch called "Frankie and Benny's". It's a "new york italian" pizzaish place. It was a great way to ease into this kind of scottish experience. I had a burger and there was old swing american music playing. It was nice to have something kind of familiar. Then we went grocery shopping. That was overwhelming. So much stuff! And it's all in pounds! Pounds confuse me.... What's crazy is that there are so many brands here in the U.K. that are American! weird.....

So that is our trip so far. The day is not done. It's only 4:10pm here..and we might go do some other stuff to keep us awake.. I'll post later if anything else happens today.

Welcome to Scotland everybody!!!!

Much love-

ps. The U.K. sendoff party was very very fun. Thank you Beckers!! and I'm sorry there are no photos for today.. I haven't been able to take any yet. But never fear. It will happen soon!!


  1. This blog is going to be fun....when orange toilets get you excited!

  2. I wish I could have come along as a tour guide....I would have worn a tie and been official. You are making me home sick!!
    - Richard

  3. darn...i've got this ache to be in scotland running up the hills...

  4. I worked 8-5 @ Veritas and then went to class from 6-8:35... needless to say I am jealous of your day[s] :) glad you all had a safe flight!
    - Joseph -

  5. Oh, your experience in the French airlines sounds completely similar to mine. Wonderful food, correct. I believe I had a vegetarian hot pocket, which was very excellent. And I also saw the sunrise as we flew over France - so beautiful. I was sitting there, eating the wonderous breakfast of yogurt, muffins, fruit, etc., listening to Sufjan Stevens, watching the sunrise, en route to France, and thinking "This is absolutely wonderful". I'm so glad your time is going splendidly so far. Miss you all the way over there! Have a glorious time - I know you will. I'm praying

  6. Hahaha, geesh, just reading this is making me miss you more! You sound so childish and happy! I love it. You NEED to Convince your dad to let you try to drive one of the cars while you're there! You might not ever get a chance again! Sounds amazing...Especialy the plains and grass lit fields. I can't wait to see your photots...BE safe, hope to see you right when you get back!
    (HEy...don't forget me cigar!)
    LOve you

  7. glad to hear you all made it there safely! i'm sorry I couldn't come to your send away party :( can't wait to see pics! I'm so jealous right now.... =)
    love you!!
    <3 me~