Monday, July 19, 2010

In Which the Bustards Take a Trip to a Small Wet Place

Hello world! So here you are. You have found and are now looking at "Moody Sunshine". This is my blog. And why, might you ask, am I blogging? I am blogging because my family and I are going to Scotland. Yes you heard me right. Scotland. And thus the title of this post explains it all.
So. We're going to Scotland for vacation. There is a wonderful family at our church. The wife, Janet, is from the U.K. Her sister, Catherine, lives in Edinburgh with her husband and two children, Kaitlyn and Douglas. They came over to the states for a good bit of the summer to visit Janet and their other family. We decided to house swap. What does this entail? Well, when we go to Scotland, they will live in our house and we will live in their house over in Edinburgh. We met Catherine, Kaitlyn and Douglas last Wednesday. They are wonderful. Catherine is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Kaitlyn, who's eight, is such a dear. She makes me laugh. We would compare how I said things to how she would say them. Then we would teach each other different words. Douglas, almost five, is adorable. He has stolen my heart, and I doubt he's going to give it back. :D We took them to the Science Factory and to the Fractured Prune. We had a wonderful time. I have to say it. I love their accents. It makes me so happy. I have always loved British accents and theirs is just as good. It's so fun to listen to them talk.
With that long intro over with, I will now tell you what this blog is for and what you will hope to see. My goal is to post every day about what we did with pictures that I myself have taken. I love to take pictures (TaxiCABPhotography) so, I promise you, I will be taking loads over there. I'm excited. One of the things I've been looking forward to is blogging and now I have started!! Yay!
Tonight is a U.K. send off party for our family (and our friends the Slessers). I'll post about that later.
I hope you will come visit regularly and leave comments! Let me know what you think!
Much Love,


  1. what do you guys think of this "small wet place" so far?

  2. It's wonderful so far..not wet and sunny! haha but really for the 5 hours we've been here its been wonderful.

  3. Hi I will use my daughters account to leave a message. Hope u had a good time at the smallest hoos in Glasgow.I will follow ur blog and post places for u to visit if u have enough time.I will stay in touch

    Geordie.........( big guy loudest of the two guys in yellow) :)

  4. Just had a n idea if u download bbci player for u iphone u can watch Dr Who on it.go to appstore download BBCi player :] If I think of any more i will post them


  5. So what u think of our wee country so far ????? hope u get some nice people today. remember all the nice people might just be hiding so like a game u have to hunt them but be strong and God will see u ok,have a good day

    Se ya


  6. sounds like you are having a great time. that how it should be :) what s the temperature like over there?

  7. Geordie--
    We are having a blast so far and we love your wee country :D We all laughed at the game... we'll have to go find some more. there was a nice one today! hahaha
    thanks for all your help yesterday!!

    The temperature is cold! haha but really its not to bad. I like it. Today was high of 73 (although i don't think it every got there....)