Sunday, July 25, 2010

Muffins, Twins, and Ancient Artifacts

I was looking forward to today. Like, Really Looking Forward to Today. We went to spend the afternoon at Broomhall. Broomhall is where the Bruce's live, where the Earl lives. Yes that's right. I spent that afternoon, and lunch, at the Earl's house. One of the Earl of Elgin's daughters is named Antonia Bruce. When Eliza Becker went to nanny in Edinburgh last year it was Antonia's twin boys who Liza cared for. Their names are Jack and Gabby. They are so adorable.
As you drive up their verrrry looooong drive way there are sheep on both sides. I really felt like I was in Scotland because I had finally seen sheep. And lots of them. Then, all of a sudden, you see this HUGE house. It looked like something out of Jane Austin. Or any other old British film/book, really. We went into the house and then, because it looked like it was going to rain, Antonia took us for a tour of the grounds. We walked out to this beautiful rose garden overlooking the rest of the lawn. As we were walking around, Jack and Gabby came over to meet us. They were shy. The Bruce's had two cocker spaniels, Rosie and Thistle. Jack or Gabby came over and one of them had this little toy that made you sound like a duck. The dogs freaked out. It was very funny. We went into the house and went up to Georgina's suite. Georgina is Antonia's older sister. Ginny's suite was darling and cozy. There were piles of books everywhere. We had amazing chicken and potatoes for lunch, in the cozy little kitchen. We sat around and talked for awhile. I played with Ellie, Jack and Gabby for a little. They were playing a game where someone was the cop and they had to catch everyone else... for some reason I ended up being the person they would catch. In the end it was called "Capture Carey". Either I had to find a "muffin lover" to free myself or the twins would hold on to my legs and I would drag them to the kitchen so I could go sit and eat. Let me just say, my legs got a good work out. After dessert of strawberries and cream we took a tour of the house.

*moment of silence and awe*

The house is HUGE. It goes on and on.. and on some more. There are fine paintings and statues and really old furniture everywhere. They live in a freaking museum! It's so cool. And reallyyy hard to describe here. The library has floor to ceiling bookcases and those moving ladders..and a secret door in the bookcase. There is a whole room for the marble statues and ancient artifacts. The drawing room is where they used to have balls and, in the 60s, they threw a big one. All the ladies wore high stilettos and left little circle marks on the floor. There's a museum room, a grand dinning room, floor the ceiling windows; I felt like I was walking around in a Jane Austin book. It was so. cool. Although it did make me covet. I wanna live in a house like that sooo baddd. Therefore, Antonia and I were figuring out which Bruce I would have to marry so that I could live there some day :) Jack and I played piano together. That was super cute.
I don't know what else to say about this day. It was amazing. And reallyy hard to describe. :D It was basically amazing.

Much Love,


  1. you marry a Bruce, I will poop my pants.

    I can not believe that you've met The Jack and Gabby. Carey, The Lord has blessed you extravagantly! He's had these special joys laid up for you your whole life, do you realize! Think, and praise Him, for all the wondrous joys yet to come. I would say that I'm jealous, but then I remember that your life is not mine, and the Joys the Lord has for you are nothing to me compared for the Joys He has for me. What a Sweet, sweet Lord we have, Carey! I love you so much. I can't even miss you know what a wonderful time you're having <3


  2. I miss you loads Morglish. Like LOads. (But thanks for what you said ^^ it made me heart happy) oh and i laughed out loud at the beginning of your post. :D <3