Monday, July 26, 2010

March of the Penguins

We went to the Zoo today!!! And I have to say, it's one of the best zoos I've ever been to. I really loved the layout and the view was lovely. The zoo went upward because it was on a hill, which was really cool. And even though it was raining some of the time there were loads of people around. The exhibits were very well designed and the little signs for the animals had just enough information on them-- which is coming from someone who gets bored by reading plaques.
Animal Highlights From the Whole Family:
: The Unicorn... Ok the Rhino which had one horn. {Dad and Me}
: The Zebras {Mom and Me}
: The Penguins {Everyone}
: The Bongo {Dad}
: The Pygmy Hippo {Dad}
: The Tiger {Maggie and Me}
: The Sea Lions {Ellie}
: The Secretive and Good At Hiding Animals {Dad}
: The Wild Painted Dogs {Maggie}
: The Birds Who's Names We Can't Remember {Mom}
: The Wallaby {Mom}

Eliza, we found the Lions.

The Penguins Parade (which I've been waiting for since...forever) was soo cute! A bunch of little penguins waddled out and looked so proud of themselves! It was adorable. I kinda wanted to take one home with me, except that they were smelly. :P

So that's what we did today. Now we're chilling out at home, playing outside, making food, blogging, photo editing.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!

Much Love,


  1. Im glad you got to see that penguin parade! how many nasty people did you meet today? Hope you are still enjoying our wonderful country!


  2. We met one nasty person and one crazy person today haha. and we're still enjoying your country!

  3. the penguins. BAH!
    hey, please please have some more photos soon! I'm dying here!!!