Saturday, July 31, 2010

List of Wee Notice-ings {part 3}::

1) Everyone in Scotland goes on Holiday in Florida.
2) Chips go with everything.
3) Roundabouts are everywhere. And are totally scary.
4) You've seen one giftshop, you've seen them all.
5) They ask if you want ice with your drink.
6) No billboards.
7) Scotland is a good place to go for rainbows. Esp. if you want EPIC ones.
8) Movies release here after they have in the States.
9) Colors are more vibrant (thank you excessive amount of rain.)
10) Feels very open. Loads of fields in between towns.
11) Pizza Hut sells alcohol. And it's fancy.
12) Bagpipers are everywhere.
13) Street signs are obscure.
14) Highway signs are very clear.
15) Grocery stores sell school uniforms.

{more posts later}


  1. Not all movies :)
    Florida good for a holiday especialy in rainy we feel at home when it rains except it warm :)
    Chips rule
    For some strange reason older generation dont like ice in some drinks.
    Yes i love your street signs at intersections very cool.
    Billboards are for strange places if you look u will find them for some reason we have them in the inner-city areas not allowed to see from the highway against planning law unless fitted with wheels :)
    Forgot to ask did you see the big heads on your way home ????????????? i mean back to Edinburgh

  2. We did see the big heads on our way back to Edinburgh (I saw them on the way into Glasgow too...) we're going to go pass them again today! haha

  3. "Grocery stores sell school uniforms" - yes!

  4. Interesting, when I came to PA I found the highway signs confusing.....still do half the time!
    I do miss rallying the country roads and the cats eyes at night!.....driving was a real pleasure in Scotland.


  5. Was looking out for u and your family today but alas didn't see my favourite Americans (even if ur not Floridians) :(( Hope u still Get a chance to go to new Lanark.

    See u soon