Friday, July 30, 2010

Cars, And Buses, And Sheep..OH MY!


We woke up a wee later than Dad wanted to, but we were on the road around 9:30ish (without having any breakfast, mind you). More driving to the ferry (which we actually rode on this time). We got ice cream right before we got on the ferry.
More driving across Mull.
More single lane roads.
Ellie got sick. It was bad.

Mull. Hills everywhere with little waterfalls running down them. Sheep everywhere and then some. They like to cross the road. So do the yaks..I mean "Highland Cows". But they are much bigger than sheep, thus more scary. Little white houses in the middle of nowhere. It's like driving through Lord of the Rings. Tolkien was on to something while he was writing them. So was Peter Jackson. Good Mental Picture From Dad: The scene in Two Towers when Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas are running to get Merry and Pippin from the Orcs. That's exactly what we were driving through. There really is no way to express how beautiful the country was (is).

OH and cars and buses (big buses) coming straight toward you. I can't even describe the roads. They are scary.

After what seemed like forever we finally got to Fionnphort. This village had a beautiful view of Iona, which was across the loch from them. We stayed at this wee bed'n'breakfast called Abbey View. The people who owned the place were incredibly sweet and understanding about us not making it the night before. They gave us cake and juice and sent us on our way to Iona.

My Mental Image of Iona before: no houses. and if there were one lived in them.

What Iona Is: The cutest little town imaginable, with whitewashed houses, a gorgeous beach, little shops with homemade items, sheep, and a gorgeous abbey.
We got off the ferry we had to take over to the island, and went into some of the little shops along the road. We then went to the old Nunnery. This was a gorgeous ruined building that you could walk through. There were little flowers growing on the walls and you could see where the rooms used to be. It would've been tiny in its day but extremely lovely. Then we walked over to the Abbey. All of us girls liked the Nunnery better...Buut the Abbey was cool too.. It is still in use and has really amazing stone, celtic crosses everywhere. And sheep.
Dad brought is watercolors on this trip, so we left him on a hill to watercolor and we went on a walk further down the road. All we found was more adorable whitewashed houses, sheep and sheep dogs (that looked exactly like the ones from Babe). After a little more looking around the island we left around 5 to go back to Fionnphort. We went to this little restaurant called The Keel Row. I had fishnchips (again). The food was super good and so was the service. I went back to Abbey View after dinner while the rest of the family went on a hike up a wee hill over looking the sea. I was exhausted and oh so thankful for the time to myself. The fam came back around 8:45 and we all got ready for bed. And what beds they were. So soft! So comfy! So nice after not knowing where we were going to sleep the night before! haha.
It was a lovely day.

I'm still catching sorry that they are coming later and not exactly on the right days


Much Love,

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  1. I had to laugh about the ferry.Ur luck u had power some of the islands only have power to 6pm.Still laughing.

    Hope u still loving ur holiday (vacation)