Saturday, July 31, 2010

And we drove some more...


We got up. Breakfast at 8:30. oh emm gee. What a breakfast.

Fruit, yogurt, toast, eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, fried tomatoes, hot chocolate, tea. It was a multiple course breakfast. I was so full afterwards.

After breakfast, Mom and the Blondies went on a hike up the wee hill and Dad and I went to the Columba Centre. The Columba Centre was all about the missionary (and saint) Columba who was to Scotland. He was given the property to start a monastery on Iona. It was a wee museum, very nicely laid out and just enough information on the displays. We then walked over to the general store, which was right across the street from the wee hill. We looked up and saw mom at the top, and Maggie sitting on a rock reading her book, Ellie running up the hill. It was quite a sight (in a good way :)

We left Fionnphort around 11 for the ferry off Mull. So after more driving and sleeping we got to the ferry we were supposed to get the first time (fail on Minnie's part).. This ferry was HUGE. It was like going on a cruise. We parked our car in the bottom of the boat and then went up to the top deck. It was beautiful weather and the view was lovely. We read and enjoyed the 45min trip. We got off at Oban. Oban was a cute little village/town/ But we drove right through, anxious to get home.
We came straight home and ordered pizza. The place we ordered from was indian and the pizza was spicy. I liked it. :)

That was Thursday!

Much Love,

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