Friday, July 23, 2010

Edinburgh is cool. Literally.

We did go out again last night, to keep ourselves awake. We decided to go on one of those double decker, open air buses for a tour of Edinburgh. So we took a bus into the city and then walked to where the tour buses were. Edinburgh is like New York City and a beach town combined. There are people and tall buildings everywhere. Then there are seagulls flying around, and the set up of the town feels, to me, like a beach town....except old. And grand. But enough of that.
It was so cold. But I loved going around on the tour, seeing all the buildings and such. It was a good first thing to do. It made me feel like I knew the place better; I have a better footing on it now. Then we came back "home" (<--this is what we are now going to call where we're staying. don't get it confused with Lancaster) and made tomato soup and bread w/ cheese. We watched Brambly Hedge. So. Cute. We all sat in the living room, on the floor, eating soup. Very Cozy. Then went to bed. And that finishes Yesterday.


We woke up at Noon this morning. It felt so good to sleep. Thank you, Jesus, for sleep and soft beds. We got ready and left around 2:30 for the bus stop. We went into Edinburgh because, theoretically, we were going to John Knox house and the Royal Mile. In the end we just did the Royal Mile (although we passed Knox's house but decided to go there later because it closes at 5) and went to the best pub for Tea. The Royal Mile has many fun shops and pubs. The pub we went to was called The Castle Arms. Eliza Becker told us to go there. I'm so glad she did. I had fish 'n' chips. We did some more walking around and went into a book store on Prince's street. Edinburgh is a great place for people watching. I love it.

List of Wee Notice-ings::
1) All waitresses here seem to be Polish.
2) There are kilt shops everywhere..aka tourist traps. I like them.
3) No billboards (except at bus stops)
4) 2 mean people so far. 3 nice people. the nice people are winning.
5) The buildings are beautiful.
6) There are teen groups everywhere, for English camp I think.
7) People ride bikes. There are hipsters. It makes me feel like I'm in Lancaster. Sigh.
8) You feel like you're in the city and then, all of a sudden, there's a HUGE green hill.
9) I ate Haggis.
10) There are a lot of restaurants that are American here. Weird.

I took pictures yesterday and today. I'll post pictures tomorrow, because I have to go to bed now.

Love, CareyAnne


  1. i wish i could have spent more time in Edinburgh when i was in Scotland back in '08. it seemed like such a grand place!

    i like your list of wee notice-ings, haha :).

    so how did you like haggis? i didn't like it a whole lot, but it wasn't awful. have you had black/blood pudding yet? call me strange, but i think i preferred that over the haggis.

    love you and miss you! <3

  2. Oh, sounds like another completely lovely day. I love the sitting on the floor, eating soup and bread, watching Brambly Hedge. So. Cozy.
    Oh, and just to warn you, I write constantly on blogs and such, so I'll probably be commenting a lot :-) I liked very much your wee-noticings. They were very good notices. I love you so, my dearest Carey Bustard.

  3. 3-2? I hope the score improves as your trip continues....

  4. wowwie!!! awesome ive always wanted to go somewhere out of the country!.. sounds like your having fun!

  5. oh my, what a wonderful time you seem to be having. Your wee notice-ings made me smile. I Can't Wait to See Pictures. Scotland is officially a must see for me before I die. :) Can't wait for your next post. <3
    much love,