Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just So You Know:::

We are leaving for Mull like...now... and I'm not sure if I'll have internet there. I'm bringing the laptop but I just wanted to let yall know that there mighttt not be any posts for a few days... But we'll see what happens!
Much Love,


  1. ahhhhhhhh! Mull is so amazing....lucky :)....i think there will be alot of places to take pics :)

  2. thanks, carey, for the great blog and photos! i'm sitting here in carrboro, NC with tears in my eyes remembering the sights of edinburgh and broomhall from last summer, not to mention the thoughts of lovely people we all know now. God is good. Stay hydrated!

  3. Carebear thanks for writing all these posts. It's very good to know how you all are doing and I am so gladdened to know that the trip has been fantastic thus far. Keep writing. Yesterday I was at the cafe and thought of you. You are in my thoughts. Love you! Say hi to Arthur's seat for me.


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  5. I pray for you and your family daily, my dear. Just to let you know, you are remembered, missed, loved, and lifted up to our Father by so many. (sorry about the mistake post above )
    Love you,

  6. I am so happy you went to the zoo. Zoos are fantastic. Our zoo has a Bustard Bird which is oh so cool.

    Hope you have a good time in Mull and we look forward to your blog and photos....remember squeeze the stuffing out of each experience before going to the next! Scotland is a No Rush Zone.