Friday, July 30, 2010

List of Wee Notice-ings {part 2}::

1) The buses are all different colors. Our bus is #38. It isn't double decker. It's bright blue, yellow and purple inside.
2) Sheep.
3) There are loads of international people in Edinburgh. So many languages being spoken at the same time.
4) People have cool styles here.
5) Money stresses me out.
6) It's so hard to dress according to the weather. It's always changing. It's bipolar.
7) The food portions from grocery stores are tiny! but the portions at restaurants HUGE.
8) Edinburgh makes me miss Lancaster.
9) I found out what Haggis is. Totally grosses me out.
10) Tourist shops on the Royal Mile are run by Indians. Weird.


  1. Keep these wee-noticeings coming. They're one of my favorites of the blog.

  2. I just shared your blog with about 40 people who are considering coming with my husband and I on a UK chartered bus trip in 2012, and I hope that they learn as much as I have from your insightful observations! You show much promise as a writer and your maturity speaks volumes!! Keep up the great work!

  3. The great thing about the weather is if you don't like what it is doing just wait 20 mins and it will change!....if you do like what the weather is doing start running, take pictures....


  4. waiting 20 minutes wouldn't be bad but everything closes in Scotland at 5 o clock! it's ridiculous.