Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"What . . . the Curtains???"


We went to Doune Castle. Why would we go to this little, rundown castle? Because parts of the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail were filmed here. And I think I can say, for most of us, that this castle was our favorite. It had an audio tour narrated by Terry Jones (Sir Bedevere) which was very funny, and you could go at your own pace throughout the castle. In this clip you can see the whole castle at the beginning and the window they are standing by, we stood by. The window was located in what was the Duchess' Hall. After walking around the castle for a bit (and trying not to kill ourselves by falling down the scary stone winding steps), we went outside and sat on a wee hill looking at the castle. Dad watercolored, Mom went on a walk, and the girls and I just read, looked at the castle, and played with Dad's iPhone. Then Mom and Dad went on a walk together and we children stayed with our things and played with the iPhone and read some more. When they came back, Mom took us on a walk and Dad watercolored even more.
After complaining about how hungry we were, we Finally convinced the parentals to leave to find food. Minnie found us this little place called "The Beech Tree Cafe". So Cute. And Yummy. It made me miss the cafes at home :( This little cafe was in Dunblane City (really it was just a village but it had a Cathedral so it was a city). We walked around the village and Mom decided that she wanted a scone. So did Ellie. So Maggie and Mom went to go find scones and other nice foods and Dad, Ellie and I went over to the cathedral. There was a wedding party just leaving, and everyone looked so smart. The gents were in kilts and the ladies were in hats. I want to wear a hat to a wedding. The bride and groom drove away in an white old fashion car. So dear. Not sure if we were allowed to go in the church, we decided to go over to the Dunblane museum, which was small but sweet.
After exploring there, we went back over to the Cathedral. It was beautiful. We all liked it so much more than St. Mungo's Cathedral in Glasgow. It is now a presbyterian church. Here a cool fact: Easter Eve 1572, John Knox preached there. This picture is from a carving of him (& other significant people as well) on the pulpit.
Then we drove home to Kirkliston. We stopped at Tesco on the way because we had totally run out of food at home! haha. oh and we got LOADS of chocolate to take back with us :D
Came home, made dinner and went to bed. Twas a nice Saturday.


I think this will be the last post I post here in Scotland. We leave tomorrow morning (the taxi is coming at 6 o' clock in the morning! ack tooo early). Our plane leaves at 9am. I'll be home by 7ish pm tomorrow!!! I'm so excited. This trip as been wonderful but I really really really realllyyyy miss home.

I will post more when I get to Lancaster. I want to finish informing you all about this trip. And I'll post a link for pictures.

So thats all for now!!! See you in the States :D

Much Love,


  1. You come back tomorrow! I'm so glad it was a lovely trip. Oh, and um, explain the title of this post?
    Much Love,

  2. p.s. Your list - I'm so glad that you made it and I'm so glad that there are almost all "done's" on it. Lists with items crossed off are one of the most satisfying things.