Sunday, August 1, 2010

In which we do some shopping..


We slept in (finally), got up, hungout a little, then got ready to get the bus into Edinburgh.

This was shopping day.

We went to the Elephant House for lunch. Now the Elephant House is where J.K. Rowling started writing the Harry Potter books. Awesome? I think yes.

We walked the Royal Mile for a little then went down to Prince's Street. We went into the Disney store, H&M, TopShop (there is only one in the States :(..), All Saints (too dark for me), and Accessorize (there is also only one of these shops in the States :(..). We went down Rose Street, but there wasn't really any place we wanted to go into. Back at the Royal Mile we went into Ness (so adorable) and a tartan shop (for Scottish scarves.) Mom got the official Princess Diana tartan. Running around Edinburgh takes a long time! And your lunch totally leaves you. Too many hills....

Down The Mound to get Mom a wee hat on Princes Street (we lost Dad at a music store while on the way down). Then for dinner we got Pizza Hut takeway (everyone was craving pizza) and went to the West Prince's Street Gardens (remember the picture I posted of the people lying around in the grass? We went there). A picnic in the park, in the shadow of the castle! It was a perfect way to end the evening.

Bus back home.

I think I tried to catch up on more blogging. or picture editing. something like that.


Friday may not sound too exciting, but it was enjoyable for us. Just not much to write about.

Much Love,


  1. Yes, yes, much fun to read about the if shopping in Edinburgh can ever be mundane!

  2. I like this post very much. An enjoyable day of looking at shops, buying nice, Scottishy things, each person going to a shop with interests specifically for them, and then resting from the slight exhaustion of being on your feet all day with a picnic in a park. I believe it was a good day for you guys!

  3. p.s. J.K. Rowling's favorite writing haunt . . . yes!